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17 Of Our Favorite Contemporary Products

17 Of Our Favorite Contemporary Products

Contemporary architectural and interior design is no longer just for city apartment buildings and luxury lofts. Here at Horner Millwork we are seeing more and more contemporary styled products going into homes throughout New England. Manufacturing and delivering traditional and classically-styled windows, doors, kitchens, stairs, and millwork has been our specialty since 1948, but we are excited to see this shift in trend because it gives us an opportunity to expand our product line with new styles, designs, and materials. We have aligned ourselves with manufacturers across our product lineup so we can offer our customers the best on-trend contemporary styled products. Below are some of the products that have become our favorites. We invite you to explore these and then contact us when you’re ready to start your next contemporary project.


The differences between contemporary and modern architectural and interior design can be both subtle and stark. Modern design typically refers to a design movement that has passed. The most well-known modern design era was in the 1950-1960s (Mid-Century Modern), but there have also been modern design movements in the 1920s (Art Deco), the 1970s, and more. On the contrary, contemporary design refers to “of the moment” or whatever is on-trend in architecture and interior design at the current time. In short, both styles consistently utilize natural materials, embrace minimalism, favor clean lines, and have an open-space feel, but modern design tends to use warmer materials such as wood, stone, and metal, while contemporary design favors cooler industrial-inspired materials such as concrete, steel, and glass.

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Kolbe LogoUnlike any other residential window line in the industry, Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection utilizes clean lines, narrow profiles, sleek hardware, and modern finishes to deliver contemporary windows that can be combined to create breathtaking large expanses of glass. Available in two unique profiles, VistaLuxe windows and doors with extruded aluminum exterior provides contemporary styling and low-maintenance durability. Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection is also available with a natural wood interior in a variety of stain colors for a modern minimalist look that feels warm and organic. Learn more >

pictured above:
VistaLuxe Collection Casement and Direct Set Windows,
VistaLuxe Collection Patio Doors,
Painted Coal Black Interior Finish


Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry LogoA well-styled contemporary kitchen is at the heart of every contemporary home. Kemper has proved that they are in the contemporary kitchen game with a full line of modern slab cabinet doors. Kemper’s clean-cut slab cabinet doors perfectly execute contemporary styling. Textured horizontal wood grain laminates are available in a large spectrum of materials and finishes making it simple to create stark monochromatic black and white designs. Learn more >

pictured above:
Dark Cabinets: Troxel Door Style, Textured Laminate, Obsidian Finish
White Cabinets: Taro Door Style, Laminate, High Gloss White Finish

3) Marretti Floating Glass Stairs

The staircase becomes a functional piece of contemporary artwork with Marretti floating glass stairs. For over 100 years Marretti has been combining technology with imagination to create gravity-defying stairs manufactured in the heart of Florence, Italy. Now through a partnership with our stair department, Marretti stairs are available from Horner Millwork. Marretti floating glass stairs can be combined with steel, wood, stone, or bronze to create a truly unique design. Learn more >

pictured above:
Floating Glass Stair with Wood Steps

4) Trustile Tru&Modern Stacked Rail Series

TruStile MDF Doors logoTrue contemporary design is executed properly by first distilling a home down to its simplest form. TruStile created their Tru&Modern Collection with this idea in mind. The Tru&Modern Stacked Rail Series offers 70 door styles in MDF or a large variety of wood species and finishes. Any panel can be replaced with glass, leather or metal inserts to create a striking distinctive style. Learn more >

pictured above:
Paint Grade MDF with Seedy Wash Resin Panels

5) WindsorOne Nickle Gap Boards

Nickle Gap is the new, more sophisticated shiplap. Increasingly over the past decade savvy designers have been using shiplap accent walls in contemporary interiors in almost every room throughout the home. WindsorONE has taken the shiplap look one step further with the introduction of its Nickel Gap boards. Nickle Gap boards offer the flawless smooth surface that WindsorOne is known for, with a consistent 3/16″ gap between the boards that will read clearly from across the room or on high ceilings. Learn more >

pictured above:
WOSN6 3⁄4″ x 5-1⁄2″

6) Phantom Motorized Retractable Screens For Large Openings

Phantom Screens logoIn order to create a feeling of spaciousness, residential contemporary architecture embraces an open floor plan concept where the cooking, dining, and living spaces merge and flow into one. Furthermore, contemporary floor plans often call for exterior spaces that become an extension of the home for entertaining and relaxing. Phantom motorized retractable screens can make those spaces more enjoyable by keeping pesky insects out and providing privacy. Phantom motorized retractable screens appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Learn more >

pictured above:
Phantom Motorized Retractable Screens

7) Masonite VistaGrande Exterior Doors

Masonite LogoAvailable in smooth fiberglass and enhanced fir textured fiberglass, VistaGrande Flush-Glazed doors offer a wider viewing area and a sleek more contemporary appearance over traditional glass inserts. Our customers love the low profile, minimalist look of VistaGrande’s flush-glazed glass openings. Perfect for patio applications, VistaGrande doors feature 18% more visible glass area and can instantly brighten a space. Learn more >

pictured above:
VistaGrande 3/4 lite Double Door Unit,
Fir Textured Fiberglass with Clear Glass

8) Atlantech 550 Slider in Black

Atlantech Patio Systems logoBlack windows and patio doors (black finish on the exterior and interior) have become a hallmark of contemporary design. We love Atlantech 550 Sliding Patio Doors because they are available with a sleek black exterior and interior finish right from the manufacturer. The 550 Slider provides a modern contemporary look with high performance. Learn more >

pictured above:
550 Series Wood & PVC Frame with Welded PVC panels,
3 Panel Configuration (OXO) with 3 x 1 Hanging Grids (1″ Flat) and Transom,
Interior and Exterior finish in Black

9) Rogue Valley Urban Door Collection

Rouge Valley Door logoRogue Valley created the Urban Door Collection with clean geometric designs and sharp modern lines to appeal to the contemporary city style aesthetic. These beautifully crafted interior and exterior wood doors work equally well for a city dweller living in an industrial loft, or a family in the suburbs with a sense of metro chic. Learn more >

pictured above:
4077-G Shown in Fir with Square Sticking
and Satin Glass

10) StarMark Orian Door Style

Starmark LogoThe StarMark Orian door style proves that great contemporary kitchens can be achieved without using slab door styles. The Orian door style bridges the gap between transitional and contemporary design by offering sleek style with a bit more texture. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty and made in America, StarMark offers over 900,000 combinations of colors and styles. If you can dream it, StarMark Cabinetry can build it. Learn more >

pictured above:
Orian Door Style in Alder,
Finished in Rye with Ebony Glaze

11) Captiva Modern Collection Custom Wood Doors

Great contemporary style begins with a truly unique design. Made in our own manufacturing plant in Somerset, MA, Captiva Wood Doors give architects and designers the flexibility to custom design doors that make a statement and support the contemporary design aesthetic of the home. The Captiva Modern Collection offers clean lines and contemporary patterns without sacrificing the beauty and warmth of a wood door. Learn more >

pictured above:
Captiva Custom Wood Door

12) Velux Solar Powered Skylights

Velux Skylights LogoGreat natural lighting is one of the cornerstone elements of successful contemporary design. Skylights are a perfect way to introduce additional natural light into a kitchen where cabinets typically occupy space on the exterior walls. Furthermore, a  contemporary home is not complete without contemporary technology. Perfect for renovations and remodels, Velux’s ingenious solar powered skylights open and close by remote control and require no electricity or wiring because they are powered by the sun! An integrated rain sensor automatically closes the skylights if inclement weather arrives, leaving the space below dry even if no one is home. Additionally, solar powered blinds allow the homeowner to adjust the amount of light by remote control. Learn more >

pictured above:
Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight with Blinds

13) Decora Aluminum Frame Glass Cabinet Doors

Decora LogoCreate a contemporary futuristic look with Decora’s Aluminum frame cabinet doors. Perfectly paired with slab door styles, aluminum frame doors are a great accent when used on an island or to break up large expanses of cabinetry. Available in 8 different profiles, 3 metallic finishes, and 4 styles of glass plus backpainted colors, Decora Aluminum Frame doors are a great way to add depth to a stark contemporary design. Learn more >

pictured above:
Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors with Satin Glass,
Also Marquis Door Style in Maple, Painted Seaworthy Finish

14) Schlage Keyless Entry Sets

Contemporary design and technology merge with Schlage’s keyless entry sets. Today’s homeowners want to “go keyless” but still desire the security of traditional deadbolt locks. Schlage has eliminated the hassle of keys entirely with a full line of safe and secure, keyless entry options. With the Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen lock, no key means there’s nothing to lose, nothing to fiddle with, and—for would-be intruders —nothing to pick. These entry sets are not only innovative, they  perfectly complement contemporary style doors with a full array of sleek and modern styles and finishes to choose from. Learn more >

pictured above (left):
Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt
with Century Trim and Broadway Lever,

Matte Black Finish

15) Masonite Heritage Series Molded Interior Doors

Masonite LogoThe clean lines and smooth surface of Masonite’s Heritage Series Molded Interior Doors convey contemporary style that blends seamlessly from room to room. Masonite’s Heritage Series Molded Interior Doors offer the look of more expensive custom MDF doors at a price that can fit any budget. Masonite provides trend-forward looks and timeless designs, crafting distinctive styles that complement any home and personal taste. Learn more >

pictured above:
Heritage Series Lincoln Park Solid Core Molded Doors
with Barn Door Sliding Hardware

16) Cooper Stairworks Unsupported Curved Staircases

Today’s contemporary design trend demands nontraditional stair building materials and designs that push the limits of engineering. We have a full line of stair options to meet the modern design aesthetic, and the capability to engineer stairs that seem to defy gravity. We challenge you to dream big, you challenge us to deliver. Learn more >

pictured above:
Cooper Stairworks Unsupported Curved Preassembled Staircase,
Quarter Sawn White Oak Treads,
Stainless Steel Newels and Balusters,
White Oak Rail

17) Danver Outdoor Kitchens

Danver Kitchens logoDid you know Horner Millwork now offers exterior kitchens? As we discussed above with Phantom Retractable Screens, outdoor living spaces that blend seamlessly with the indoor spaces have become paramount to the modern contemporary floor plan. An outdoor kitchen offers a unique way to entertain guests and take advantage of the precious summer months here in New England. With European styling, stainless steel construction, and an expansive palette of powder coat finishes, Danver offers customers the ability to create a fully customized outdoor kitchen that’s both functional and beautiful. Learn more >

pictured above:
Key West Door Style,
Metallic Bronze Matte Powder Coat Finish

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