Flexible trim moulding is an easy and economical alternative for half round window and door trimming as well as curved stairwells and other radius situations where wood simply cannot bend.


Custom Curved Mouldings

We manufacture a wide variety of custom sized curved casings available in five standard patterns or any custom profile in almost any wood species. The most economical product to use for paint grade casing is MDF (medium density fiberboard). Other readily available species include pine, poplar, red oak and sapele.

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Carter Millwork Flexible Mouldings

After it is installed and finished, its appearance is identical to wood products in that same application. The moulding is usually applied in a single piece, utilizing the continuous grain of the wood. It is flexible enough to be adjusted during application, assuring a perfect fit every time. Mouldings are available in a wide selection of crowns, bands, casings, cap and base moulding.

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