Horner Millwork has offered our customers stair expertise in design and manufacturing for over 30 years since the introduction of Cooper Stairworks in 1991. No matter what your stair needs are, Horner is your source for preassembled stairs, stairparts, spiral and attic stairs, and stair accessories.

With our state of the art design and construction techniques Horner will build a stair to fit any need. Our various in-house capabilities allow us to offer a complete stair system using either stock components or custom designed to your own personal choices.

Preassembled Stairs

The preassembled staircase has long been considered the most efficient method of stair building. For fast, accurate installation and jobsite labor savings, choose preassembled.

Stair Parts

We have the largest variety of stair parts in the region. Treads, risers, handrail, balusters, newel posts, fittings, hardware, and accessories are all part of our extensive product line-up.

Imported Stairs

The supports disappear and while the purest, lightweight geometries seduce the eye, sinuous curves blossom where steps spring up like branches. And just like real trees, no two staircases are ever the same.

Spiral Stairs

We offer spiral stairs that are so elegant that even if you have room for a traditional stair, you may just go for a spiral!

Attic Stairs

Our innovative attic stairs are easy to use, energy efficient and built to last.

Stair Hardware

Make installation a breeze with the Zipbolt fasteners.