Premium Architectural Doors, the Definition of Luxury.
There was a time when doors were appreciated for their architectural value, gracing the openings of homes and embodying the principles of their design periods. TruStile and Horner Millwork miss those days.

TruStile is committed to partnering with architects, home builders and homeowners, to revive the rich tradition of building high-quality, architecturally-correct doors with a range of customization options to fit your preferences and your home’s unique character.

Driven By Design

Like furnishings and décor, doors should complement your home’s unique architecture and individual style. TruStile Doors provide you with ultimate flexibility, offering unique design options including accents of metal, glass, resin and leather; common arch pairs and built-in mirrors — just to name a few.

Start with any style door.

Add v-groove panels.

Select a glass lite door style.

Select panel and sticking options.

Select from 20 wood species and mdf.

Add material inserts.



Consider the possibilities of custom interior doors. TruStile combines extraordinary selections with impeccable craftsmanship to make doors an indispensable design element in today’s home.

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TruStile MDF Door Construction

Ideal for painted applications. TruStile MDF Doors provide quality that is unrivaled. Their super refined MDF material and meticulous construction methods result in a painted door product that is a cut above the rest.

  • Made to order and built to any size and style.
  • Built with genuine stile and rail construction — never routed or stamped.
  • Made with solid, super-refined MDF that provides a smoother painting surface than pine, poplar or lower-grade MDF alternatives.
  • Engineered for maximum stability and durability — won’t shrink, expand or warp when exposed to environment.
  • Often more affordable than wood doors.
  • Third party certified by Scientific Certification Systems to contain 69% recycled content, making them ideal for green building.
Barn Doors

TruStile has re-imagined their entire product offering of 500+ styles to make them compatible for barn door openings. As the width increases, the design changes to create the appropriate look. At Horner Millwork we can help you pair your TruStile barn doors with one of our many sliding barn door hardware systems.

Authentic Designs

Where do you begin to choose the right door design for your home? TruStile’s Authentic Designs makes the selection process fun and easy. With a range of materials and options for 12 popular architectural styles, TruStile provides the widest range of on the market today.


An eclectic style decorated with geometric shapes and accents of metal and glass.


An authentically American style characterized by stately, historic design features.


A forward-looking style that is uniquely yours.


A comfortable style that reflects architectural simplicity.


A simple style focused on natural materials and an attention to period details.


An eclectic yet decidedly French style that evokes classic European appeal.


An enduring trend in American architecture and interior design that expresses a Tuscan sensibility.


Clean strong lines. Bold accents. Custom design options.


A warm style that exudes a sophisticated design with ornate touches.


Traditional design often reflects the common sense principles of practicality and functionality.


Tudor architecture reflects a return to a more conservative and formal aesthetic.


Where unconventional ideas took root and elaborate styles came to light.


With TruStile’s exclusive web-based software, you can design your own custom door. Specify the height, width and location of all the stiles, rails and mullions within a door.



Tru&Modern Collection. TruStile’s original Modern collection features vertical stiles and horizontal stacked rails. Choose from 70+ styles with a wide variety of custom design options including bold accents of glass, leather, resin and metal.

The Plank Door. Achieve the genuine look of rustic plank doors or create your own contemporary version of this ageless design. Multiple profiles, plank widths and finishing options make it all possible.

Infinite Rail. Modern architecture demands exacting specifications. The Tru&Modern Infinite Rail brings a luxurious level of sophistication with kerf cuts or metal inlays that traverse the complete width of the door. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials.

Tiered Mouldings. The Linea, Miracle and Avant Mouldings bring interesting dimension to square panel doors. These timeless styles enhance traditional designs with a dynamic, contemporary look.

TruStile Interior Door Catalogs

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