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Looks We Love: Urban Modern

Looks We Love: Urban Modern

Influenced by industrial, contemporary, and even mid-century design, urban modern style is becoming an important design trend as millennials acquire wealth and demand more sophisticated living spaces. Many millennials are resisting the traditional suburban homes that they were raised in, preferring city living with a walking commute to work and closer proximity to the bars, cafes, and restaurants that they frequent.

High ceilings, exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a neutral color palette are all paramount to good urban modern design. Unlike industrial design, urban modern celebrates a more refined approach with clean lines, mid-century furniture, contemporary artwork, and softer textiles. Below we’ve curated a collection of Horner Millwork products that nicely complement this cosmopolitan interior design trend and lifestyle. 

Barì Custom Cabinetry flush cabinets in natural maple. These cabinets are sleek and contemporary with concealed hardware and low profile hardware pulls. Modern with superb style, this Barì kitchen is the ultimate cross between sleek and functional.

Right is a TruStile modified TM1000 door to the powder room in MDF with custom resin insert. Left are TruStile custom double bypass closet doors in MDF with custom metal insert. All doors are prefinished with Sherwin-Williams SW6258 Tricorn Black.

This Masonite Belleville smooth fiberglass door features contemporary Cruz glass. Unlike more ornate decorative glass styles, Cruz offers modern styling in addition to providing beautiful natural light to illuminate the interior. This door is prefinished with Sherwin-Williams SW2848 Roycroft Pewter.

A glass balustrade is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to urban modern stairs. This ultra-modern Cooper Preassembled Staircase with maple treads and risers is a marvel of engineering that appears to float in the space. Clear glass panels give the illusion of invisible railing while providing safety and support.

An expansive array of Kolbe VistaLuxe Collection casements, direct sets, and geometric windows makes the corner of this room virtually disappear. These windows are sleek, stunning and also environmentally friendly with a sustainably sourced maple interior.

This lovely Renin barn door perfectly exemplifies the fusion of the industrial and contemporary influences found in urban modern design. Barn doors have a utilitarian feel with pronounced and bold hardware, but they are also high fashion and currently on-trend. 

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