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Staff Picks // Our Favorite Cooper Preassembled Stairs

Staff Picks // Our Favorite Cooper Preassembled Stairs

Here at Horner Millwork we are passionate about all millwork products, but if there’s one category that has a sweet spot in all our hearts, it’s preassembled stairs. We thought it would be fun to ask our team members which stair from our photo archives is their favorite and why. It’s was no surprise that the response was enthusiastic and overwhelming! We just love stairs!

Cooper Preassembled Stairs are built right here in our manufacturing plant in Somerset, MA. Our talented local craftsmen carve, bend and join hand-selected pieces of hardwood to create beautiful curved, straight, and winding preassembled staircases. Then they carefully package each component to be delivered to the job site for quick and easy assembly. Builders love using Cooper Preassembled Stairs because we make the stair planning process simple, predictable, and cost effective. Plus, Cooper Preassembled Stairs come with a 5-Year Warranty, so call-backs are never a concern even after the home has had a chance to settle and cycle through the seasons.

Below are some of our team members’ favorite preassembled stairs from our photo archives. We invite you to browse through our choices, and then visit our photo gallery to choose which stair is your favorite.


“Stair has a nice walk flow. Utilizes curved wall with curved mouldings. Very classic look. I will admit there are many amazing stairs in our portfolio with many of them deserving a post!”
– Peter Humphrey


“I love how the two-story stair sits in front of the large window so the homeowner can have a great view of the outdoors. I enjoy the understated design elements – straightforward newels, cylindrical balusters, post-to-post rail system, natural wood treads, risers and stringers – which give this magnificently complex, floating stair system a sense of simplicity. It looks comfortable and confident in its surroundings; seemingly self-aware and accepting of the fact that it is but one piece of the larger architectural puzzle… albeit a beautiful one.”
– John Humphrey


“Right now I am very partial to farmhouse designs and this staircase would be perfect in a modern farmhouse. I love the simplicity of the thin simple black iron balusters and how it contrasts so well with the wood and white tones of this staircase.”
– Susan Gurry


“I love the natural reclaimed wood and balcony that overlooks the great room looking out to the sunset. The curved rails and choice of balusters are great for a coastal home.”
– Debra Torres


“This is one of my favorites. It shows a really neat design. It covers 3 floors and has a tremendous visual effect staring down from the top. Some of the stair is unsupported by walls so it floats in the air on the rail side. Jatoba treads, sapele rails and box newels with painted balusters, risers and stringers are beautiful together. Truly a “classic” look that has been used for many years.”
– Dave Silvia

Astonishingly four of our team members independently chose the same stair as their favorite! Without question, it’s clear that this gorgeous curved staircase by Ben LaMora of Lineal Inc is a winner! Read why Matt Curley, Kaitlin Coleman, Lara Amaral, and Greg Coleman all agree that this stair is one of the most beautiful stairs in our archives.


“With so many beautiful and unique choices to pick from, this was a difficult assignment no doubt. The stair system I chose “spoke to me,” so to speak.
As I looked at the multiple images associated with this stair system, all I could think about is how modestly and gracefully the stair is doing its job; providing safe and easy access between floors. Sounds kind of mundane, doesn’t it? This preassembled stair system is positively beautiful. The gorgeous hardwoods combined with the solid bronze balustrade complement each other perfectly, and provide an added level of sophistication to the home.

When I truly think about these masterly crafted works of art, I’m first thankful for the gifted individuals we have at NAC, that bring these beauties to life! The amount of hours, skill, and attention to detail in design, construction, delivery and installation of the preassembled curved stair system, is probably one of the most complex challenges faced in the building of the home.”
– Matt Curley


“There are so many reasons why this is my favorite Cooper stairworks preassembled stair. For starters, it was designed and engineered by Ben LaMora of Lineal Inc; a brilliant and humble contractor that is a joy to work with. Stepping into the home, you feel as though you are entering an old world mansion and would never guess it was a new construction build! The captivating main curved staircase ascends to the third floor library which is encased in sliding glass walls under a large skylight, flooding the stair and foyer with beautiful natural light. The custom curved handrail gracefully secures the solid bronze fluted balusters. Surrounded by stunning original works of art, this was easily my favorite stair to photograph by far!”
– Kaitlin Coleman
(Kaitlin is our talented in-house photographer here at Horner Millwork. She photographed this project along with many others in our photo gallery.)


“When I first saw these photos I developed a real case of stair envy. I guess you could call it ‘stair’case envy. The bronze fluted balusters and curved handrail really draw me to this stair. Looking up from the bottom floor you see a real work of art. Equally stunning is the curved balustrade on the second floor overlooking the foyer. The way the treads and balusters tie with the flooring and mahogany handrail, well it all just really works together. Great design choices and a magnificent stair.”
– Lara Amaral


“Everything about this staircase demonstrates simple elegance and beauty: the way it flows up through the house, the positioning of it on each floor, the way the treads are arrayed to hug the walls with a comfortable walk-line, and the timeless look of the bronze balusters and sapele hand rail. Perfect!
– Greg Coleman


“This is one of my favorite staircases because I love the way the rail and gooseneck fittings provide seamless and uninterrupted connections to the newel posts as the stair ascends from floor to floor.”
– Marty Defelice


“I love this beautiful Marretti stair provided by Cooper Stairworks for its open risers. This home is on the water and when you walk in the front door, there is a wall of windows showcasing the view. The open risers allow that view and light in, and if it was my house, I’d love to come home and be welcomed by that view and not the back end of a stair.”
– Jessica Andree


“I chose this stair because it is exactly the stair that I would like in my own home. The oak treads, rail, and newel posts would work perfectly with the existing woodwork in my home. I can just imagine the framed photos of my friends and loved ones ascending up the wall. This stair is straight, clean, and simple – a classic look. I’m certain my cat would love to be perched at the top with her curious eyes peering through the balusters.”
– Joyce Rodrigues


“I worked in the APD department when I first started here, and helped John Goyette schedule out stair installations. This was the first major stair installation I was able to be a part of, and I got to see just how much time goes into the whole process. Being new to the industry, I had no idea just how much work goes into a stair project like this. Our stair installer, Alan Rock, spent the better part of a summer installing those stairs, and as always, did an amazing job. I was able to see progress pictures throughout the installation, and got to follow along through the entire summer. To this day it is still my favorite stair. I love that it is minimal, but not empty because of the modern blown glass pendant lights cascading down from above.”
– Megan Leary


“The timeless beauty of this stair can be contributed to its elegant contrasts in color. The red oak treads provide a neutral base that flows seamlessly with the rest of the flooring in the home, while the other stair parts provide drama and distinction. The dark stained 6014 handrail and newel caps, coves, and beads stand in stark contrast to the soft white 4092 raised panel newels and balusters. I’m certain this classic stair will remain an admired focal point of the home for years to come.”
– Paul Correia


Every custom Cooper Preassembled Stair begins with a dream, a need, or an idea. For those of us in the Architectural Products Division this stair will always be lovingly referred to as the “Piano Stair” because of the story behind its unique design. When the plans first came to us in the office from the field tech they showed a baby grand piano sitting on the big platform at the landing of the stair. The field tech had created a template of the homeowner’s beloved piano, and then we designed custom curved treads and risers that perfectly followed the curves of that piano.

What I liked about this stair was the use of a traditional round and fluted newel posts paired with wrought iron balusters. The look of the beefy buttress stringer is also another feature that shows strength and makes a statement. This stair has a great balance of softness and strength. I have always been a fan of iron in homes.

If you ask anybody in our office “Hey do you remember the “Piano Stair”? I bet they know what stair it was!”
– Joe Travassos


“In my 18 years working here at Horner Millwork, I have crossed paths with thousands of stair photos. Stairs are three dimensional works of art, and each one is wonderful and beautiful in its own unique way. However, I still remember my reaction when I first saw this stair nearly 13 years ago – it took my breath away! Unlike the extravagant staircases that grace the grand foyers of luxury estates, this simple winding stair could easily fit into the humblest of homes; yet its truly innovative design makes it noteworthy, precious, and brilliant. Perhaps a metaphor for life, this stair’s handrail provides safety and support, and then gracefully spirals to conclusion. Its helical shape provokes feelings of infinity, divinity, and affinity alike.”
– Melissa Tavares

For more information on Cooper Preassembled Stairs contact your Horner Sales rep, request a consultation here, or call us at 800-543-5403. Check out more photos of Cooper Preassembled Stairs in our photo gallery.

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