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[New Photography] Modern Views in Providence with Kolbe VistaLuxe

[New Photography] Modern Views in Providence with Kolbe VistaLuxe

The original Georgian-style home needed to be torn down.

When our homeowner customers purchased a Georgian-style home in Providence, RI, they adored the location and neighborhood but the house itself lacked modern appeal. Built in the early 1900’s, the antiquated old house was in disrepair and needed to be torn down. The homeowners dreamed of a contemporary new house that deviated from classic New England styling. The main goal for the design of the new home was to create a “holistically-well living space” with a modern floor plan, ample ventilation,  and plenty of natural light.

When it came to selecting a window line for the project, architect Doug Brown (DBVW Architects) choose the Kolbe VistaLuxe Collection for its sleek modern styling, wide variety of options, and versatility. He worked with one of Horner’s Architectural Sales Representatives, Peter Landolfi, to create a dynamic window plan that would help drive the design and shape the aesthetic of the dramatic contemporary home. For example, one of the main features of the home, a striking “stair tower”, incorporated an expansive oversize window that was designed to spill gorgeous natural light onto every floor of the home. Each window in the home was meticulously planned to either open inwards or outwards to optimize the cross breeze and air flow throughout the house. 

The cohesive vision shared by the whole team led to a finished home that not only instills feelings of relaxation and wellness, but that also exceeded all of the project’s initial goals. The sleek contemporary home’s open floor plan and large expanses of glass provide soothing natural ventilation and beautiful sunlight from virtually all directions. We invite you to explore photos of this breathtaking home below and in our photo gallery.

The Kolbe VistaLuxe Collection was collaboratively developed with architects for designs that utilize clean lines and multiple units to create large expanses of glass. The extruded aluminum exterior provides low-maintenance durability, while the wood interior proves that minimalist design can feel warm and organic.

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