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Masonite Project | Four Generations One Roof

Masonite Project | Four Generations One Roof

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our recent project with Jessica Bruno from Four Generations One Roof. Jessica blogs about home and other projects and we’re glad she was able to get her pool house buttoned up before the cold weather arrives.

We love seeing the final install of our products and sometimes we take for granted the prep work that happens before they are shipped from our warehouse to the job site. Here are some behind-the-scenes shop photos so you can see the entire journey of these Masonite doors.

Horner Millwork provided the Masonite Heritage 3-Panel Craftsman Fir Textured Double Door Unit, finished with a Cherry stain in our Fortress Coatings shop, as well as a coordinating Full Lite Vista Grande Double Door Unit.

Steel and fiberglass doors start in our RSD (residential steel door) shop where they are prepped for hardware. Any kind of custom cutting also happens here.

The doors were then brought to the Fortress Coatings Systems™  finishing shop. Our Fortress shop provides a high-quality long lasting finish that is warrantied for 10 years. Take a quick tour >

Fortress Coatings uses an extensive prefinishing process to ensure a beautiful, durable finish: Prep The Unit, Base Coat, First Cure, Grain Enhancement, Second Cure, 2 UV Top Coats, Third Cure. We use Sherwin Williams industrial paints and stains.

Final step is to assemble the units, protect and deliver! 

This is where our part of the journey ends – you can check out Four Generations One Roof on Instagram to see the installation or read about it here.

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