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Starmark Cabinetry: What’s New

Starmark Cabinetry: What’s New

Starmark Cabinetry is one of our most popular lines and it’s easy to see why. Since cabinets are built to your specs (in increments of 1/16th of an inch), you don’t need fillers or spacers. Cabinets are pre-assembled for easy installation and there are numerous options for wood species and finishes. Made in the USA, Starmark takes pride in being ‘handcrafted, true and square, from people who care’ in Sioux Falls, North Dakota.

Save 30% on Starmark Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinetry has doors and drawers set into the frame versus overlay cabinetry that sits on top of the frame. Inset cabinetry must be constructed precisely to fit squarely in the frame, and Starmark has perfected a system to deliver affordable, quality inset cabinetry within 4-8 weeks. Learn more about Starmark Inset Cabinetry. You can also visit our showroom or call one of our kitchen designers at 800.543.5403 if you have any questions.


Photo of Starmark cabinetry

NEW! Walnut

Walnut is widely used in furniture and architectural millwork due to it’s beauty, versatility and durability. Although it has been less common in kitchen and bath cabinetry, Starmark is now offering walnut as a species choice in a variety of finishes. Read more.

NEW! Crew Series

Starmark’s Crew Series is a selection of their most popular door styles and finishes packaged to make quality cabinets even more affordable. Crew Series offers 9 styles in Cherry, Maple or Oak and several finish options. There is a 10 cabinet minimum for the Crew Series. Read more >

Photo of a Starmark Crew Series kitchen

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