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10 Clever Barì Cabinetry Storage Solutions

10 Clever Barì Cabinetry Storage Solutions

“A place for everything, everything in its place.”

A well designed kitchen perfectly balances beauty and efficiency. After all, although the kitchen is often the heart of a home, it’s also one of the home’s most functional spaces. Barì Cabinetry, Horner’s own line of truly custom cabinetry, is handcrafted in our own wood shop in Somerest, MA. Barì Cabinetry is not just beautiful, open our cabinets and take a look inside to reveal hidden storage solutions that can make household life a little easier. Here are some of our favorite clever storage solutions found within some of our recent Barì Custom Cabinetry projects.

1) This extra-large pantry is as deep as the refrigerator that’s beside it. We utilized lazy susan rotating shelves so the homeowner can easily bring every pantry item front and center. Rotating shelves can also be useful in corner cabinets.

2) Here a walk-in pantry is hidden behind traditional cabinet doors. A traditional interior door in this kitchen would have looked out of place. By outfitting the doorway with cabinet doors instead, the pantry entrance is in harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

3) Another clever storage solution for deep pantries is pull-out shelves. These gliding shelves combine the convenience of multiple drawers with the versatility of traditional shelving.

4) Spices are one of the most difficult items in the kitchen to keep organized. Let’s face it, most of us have no idea what spices live in the back half of our cabinet shelves. A spice drawer can fit many shapes and sizes of spice jars making them easy to spot and grab. Spice drawers are also a great way to organize medication bottles and first aid supplies.

5) Although small kitchen appliances are useful, they can make a countertop look cluttered and messy. This cabinet uses the traditional look of a roll-top bread box to make small appliances easily accessible when needed, but hidden away otherwise.

6) Under-the-counter refrigerator drawers with custom panel fronts can be a great way to keep the main refrigerator less cluttered. Perfect for beverages and snacks, these convenient drawers are often used in bar areas and islands.

7) This ingenious hide-away ironing board is a must-have for every laundry room.

8) Here’s a great storage solution for the notoriously hard-to-access kitchen corners. Gliding hardware makes it easy to utilize the entire space quickly and efficiently.

9) This built-in pantry looks as beautiful as a fine piece of furniture, but what’s hidden inside is an even bigger delight. With typical deep cabinetry the back half of each shelf is practically inaccessible. This ingenious storage system allows for easy access to every inch of storage space.

10) Pull-out built-in waste baskets are convenient and make it easy to separate trash and recyclables.

For more information on our Barì Custom Cabinetry, contact our kitchen design center at 800-543-5403.

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