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5 Stair Trends That Are Making Us Swoon

5 Stair Trends That Are Making Us Swoon

We love when our customers get creative and take advantage of all the custom capabilities that we offer in our Cooper Stairworks custom wood shop. We are eager for a challenge and enjoy bringing the unique visions of our customers to fruition. Below are some of the trends that we have been catching our eye in our shop. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1) Reclaimed Hardwood Treads

Nothing beats the warmth, texture, and unique imperfections of reclaimed hardwoods. Reclaimed hardwoods often come from old mill buildings and factory floors. Each board has endured the test of time and has it’s own unique story. Give an old board a new life by incorporating reclaimed hardwood treads into your stair plan. 

2) Modern Metallic Balusters

Both in urban centers and rural homesteads, contemporary architecture is more popular than ever before. Shiny metallic balusters compliment modern designs and add a bit of glam and sparkle to the home. They reflect light beautifully and can perfectly compliment other hardware and fixtures throughout the home. 


3) Cascading Starting Steps

Single or double stacked starting steps have been used in residential architecture for centuries. We love when designers and architects take this look to the next level. Stairs with three or more stacked starting steps appear to be “spilling” into the space, creating a beautiful transition from the staircase to the floor. 

4) Cable Railing

Once only seen in commercial applications, cable railing has become common in residential homes as well. It’s simple to create an urban industrial look by utilizing a cable balustrade. Modern systems create a streamlined look free of bulky hardware and fasteners. 

5) Signature Newel Posts

The staircase is often the centerpiece of the home and we encourage architects to get creative by custom designing a signature newel post. Whether it’s a design that is custom turned or a hand carved masterpiece, our craftsmen love a challenge and take pride in making something that is truly unique. The lighthouse newel post shown above makes a bold statement at the gorgeous new Woods Hole Gulf Club clubhouse in Cape Cod. 

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