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Inside WindsorONE’s Farmhouse Idea Book

Inside WindsorONE’s Farmhouse Idea Book

Although technically not a true architectural style, the farmhouse aesthetic is influencing the way homes are built across the country. Originally driven by celebrities on HGTV and retailers like Pottery Barn, farmhouse style is no longer limited to the family farms of Vermont or the ranches of Texas. From coast to coast suburban homeowners have become passionate about the warm and casual feel that farmhouse style can bring to any home. Farmhouse style flirts with elements from craftsman, modern, and classical architecture to create spaces that feature warm woods, crisp lines, neutral color palettes, vintage accessories, and classic proportions.

WindsorONE has made it easy to incorporate farmhouse style millwork into the design of any home by introducing their new Farmhouse Idea Book. Featuring more than just shiplap, the WindsorONE Farmhouse Idea Book is filled with pages of beautiful photography and specifications to help homeowners, builders, and architects integrate farmhouse details throughout the home.

Download the WindsorONE Farmhouse Idea Book, or email us at [email protected] to request a printed copy.

We all love the way the crisp lines of white shiplap can add rich texture to walls and ceilings of a space, but the WindsorONE Farmhouse Idea Book challenges designers to also incorporate v-groove and beadboard profiles into their Farmhouse style repertoire. The Farmhouse Idea Book teaches us that every surface is an opportunity to enhance visual interest.

Along with the Farmhouse lifestyle comes with a sense on environmental responsibility. WindsorONE makes it easy to feel good about purchasing their products because every board and moulding is made from wood that is harvested sustainably and their mills all use zero-waste manufacturing practices. Additionally, WindsorONE boards and mouldings can help homewoners create a healthy home because all WindsorONE products have a Gold Indoor Air Quality Rating, which means it is a building material with no harmful off-gassing.

The delicate balance of painted and stain-grade woods is one of the cornerstones of successful farmhouse style. The ultra-sleek and flawless primed surface of WindsorONE boards and mouldings provides the perfect counterbalance to rustic wood accents. Pair WinsorONE primed boards and mouldings with reclaimed wood floors, beams, and furniture to instantly create the foundation for a farmhouse inspired home.

Here at Horner Millwork we stock nearly a hundred different WindsorONE mouldings and board profiles ready to be delivered to your next Farmhouse inspired project. If you would like more information on how to incorporate farmhouse style into your next project, trust our millwork experts to help you every step of the way. We can help with the initial design phase, specifications, measurements, delivery, and even give you installation tips. We’ve been passionate about interior trim since 1948 and can make sure your next project in completed successfully. Contact us to get started.

Download the WindsorONE Farmhouse Idea Book or email us at [email protected] to request a printed copy.

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