The Lemieux Torrefied Collection by Masonite is the first of its kind in the wood door industry to undergo a protective torrefaction process, an all-natural green procedure in which wood is heated over time to eliminate its tendency to rot. A 20-year guarantee covers any warping, twisting, delamination, or rotting that might occur. This collection is offered in each of the 10,000-plus Lemieux residential entry door design options, and is available in maximum 4/0 widths and 8/0 heights and in select grade Douglas Fir, Brazilian Mahogany, Appalachian Poplar, and Aspen.

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Masonite stops at nothing to design a better door. In fact, they’ve been subjecting one of their torrefied doors to a daily deluge of abuse since October 2010 – and they’re still waiting for the twisting, warping or rotting to show. 

20 Year Warranty

Every Torrefied Series exterior wood door carries a 20-year guarantee against warping, twisting, rotting or delamination. This may be the first time a door of comparable quality can be installed without the usual overhang requirements. A door built to face up to the elements; direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold. What’s more it can be stained or painted in dark tints.