Dear Horner Customer,

From cars to chicken wings, supply shortages are affecting almost every part of our economy. The pandemic was certainly a factor globally – in the building industry, we’ve seen the historically high price for lumber as yards were shut down for months – but devastating winter storms in the South also added to supply shortages of plastics, PVC, and concrete. International supplies of sand have been prioritized for the millions of vaccine vials, creating a shortage of glass for windows. Door manufacturers are seeing industry-wide shortages on the foam that goes inside the doors, the resin used to make the skins, and the composite needed to make the stiles.

Even for products manufactured in the US, certain parts or components may be sourced overseas. Right now, unprecedented demand is creating competition for shipping containers, resulting in higher prices and less available product. Air transport (normally 8x cost of ocean freight) is fully booked as manufacturers scramble to get any product they can. Once product does arrive in the US, it can get held up at ports of entry for days or weeks because of labor shortages. And unfortunately, these circumstances are outside our control.

At Horner we are working behind the scenes to fill as much inventory as we can. Our business model only works when we turnover product, so believe us when we say we want to fill your orders as much as you do. During this time of high demand and low supply, and significant labor shortages in our own industry, we ask for your patience while we do everything we can to complete your project. There are a few things you can do as well:

– Choose a different product that we have in stock or can get more easily.
– Commit to being flexible with ever-changing lead times.
– Put orders in sooner rather than later allowing for longer lead times.

We sincerely appreciate your business and are trying our best to serve you during this difficult time.

Thank you,
The Horner Team