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Aluminum Clad Replacement Windows

TrimLine Window

Kolbe Ultra Pocket Double Hung


TrimLine provides another option for window replacement. Enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood with Aluminum Clad Exterior Wood Interior Replacement Windows.

  • Wood interior can be painted or stained.
  • Maintenance free aluminum clad exterior is weather resistant. It does not require painting and is available in white, bronze, earthtone and beige.
  • Fully weatherstripped to insure maximum comfort and low air infiltration.
  • Unique recessed tilt latch and tilt take-out design allows for easy removal for cleaning or finishing while providing aesthetic appeal.
  • Standard double pane 3/4" insulating glass.
  • Standard sliding half screens.

Kolbe Ultra Pocket Double Hung

The Kolbe® Ultra pocket double hung is an all-in-one replacement window unit. This unique feature means that existing trim and framework do not have to be removed before installation, helping to eliminate excess work and potential damage.

Featuring a 3-1/4" pocket jamb depth, the unit fits into most standard applications. The exterior frame and sash are made of a durable extruded aluminum and coated with a 70% fluoropolymer finish. Both sash contain H°K LoE2-270 insulating glass, and can be tilted in for easy cleaning and removal. PVC jambliners are hidden by a wood-wrapped jambliner closure on the interior and an extruded aluminum jambliner closure on the exterior.

Each unit is made to meet exact specifications, allowing for complete customization. Color matching is never an issue, with a large selection of exterior and interior finishes. Custom colors and finishes are also available.

With simple installation, custom sizes and options, the Ultrapocket double hung is a perfect choice for any scale remodeling or renovation project.

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