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Stairs CAD Library

With a simple understanding of the number of risers you need, you may choose a layout that fits your space and determine the scale and balance so critcal to the overall preliminary design phase.

Curved Stairs

The curved layouts provided by Cooper walk safely with a 10" or 9" run at the walk line and are designed to meet residential building codes in most areas of the country. Our manufacturing system allows us to build each stair to your unique conditions and dimensions with no additional labor or setup. Unlike curved stair manufacturers with fixed bending forms, our processes allow complete dimensional flexibility, making custom sizes affordable. Each layout can be constructed in any width, made opposite hand, treads can be added at either end and can be built with or without supporting walls.

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are not just straight, they take on many shapes such as an l-shaped, u-shaped, scissor-shaped, and more. Straight stairs may be just as elaborate as curved; it is a matter of preference. When considered in parts, a straight stair staircase is full of architectural details, each contributing to the visual impact of the whole.

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